Design Sprint Day #2

Photo by Chau Cédric on Unsplash

In day #2 we try to think about a solution and seek for inspiration for the new brilliant idea, after getting some creative protein from what you looking for before now its time to:


Base on my example on day #1 which is Learning Platform now its time to sketch the ideas for the platform, you don’t have to master at sketching! because every people can sketch even tho it’s just an abstract line.

But before we getting started to sketching we have some step we should not forget that is:
Take your breath, note that we take now is the note that we have written in day #1 look again HMW and the goal we have what the question, usually sprint masker ask you to make a list for what your interest based on HMW, goal, and question that possible to explore.

Crazy 8s

Crazy 8’s is a core Design Sprint method. It is a fast sketching exercise that challenges people to sketch eight distinct ideas in eight minutes. The goal is to push beyond your first idea, frequently the least innovative, and to generate a wide variety of solutions to your challenge. -Google Design Sprint

We only have time 5 minutes for crazy 8s, no big deal only 5 minutes! because it needs to take some pressure for your creative brain with the time limit.

After we have a crazy 8s session now it’s time to vote for all participants, stick your sketches to the wall and every participant has 2 minutes' time for presents their ideas, you must have timekeeper, in this case.

After all of the participants do explain their ideas it’s time to vote! but all we have to do the zen voting which is voting in silence to avoid everyone gets bias from each other opinion, everyone gets 3 vote quota for the vote the ideas that in their opinion interesting, its look like this:

3 Big Ideas

Take a new paper and just like crazy 8s you fold one piece of paper into eight-part, in three big ideas you need to fold into three-part, now we visualize three big ideas, in this case, you can take from your previous ideas or take from other people ideas if you feel that’s a good idea from the vote of crazy 8s session.

Now we make 3 ideas that completely different like just I said before you can take from your idea or your friend idea in crazy 8s session but do some improvement! look what pro or cons from these ideas, so we can make 3 big ideas that completely different

In 3 big ideas, we can put some notes in our sketch to help you explain your ideas, in this case, you can make 3 ideas that in each idea are completely different or you can make like a journey from idea 1 to idea 3.

So that's it!


It all about creativity and sketching.



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